A bit about me...

  • I love the ocean and can’t bear to not live next to it. 
  • I would own 50 rescue dogs if I could, but our 17 y/o border collie would be jealous.
  • I admire photojournalists and nurses beyond measure. 
  • Sailing is a life long love and I cherish every minute I’m on a boat.
  • Traveling has always been my biggest addiction, with camera in hand.
  • I am forever grateful to my Milan neighbor, Signora Bergamaschi, who taught me all her pasta recipes.
  • Evenings on the beach with my main man of 24 years (a sailor!) and our dog is another favorite, with a g+t of course.

A bit about my photography…

  • Like a lot of photographers, I fell hard for it from a darkroom class in high school.
  • I moved to Milan at 30 and loved every single day, every job, every Italian I met, and every meal.
  • My defection from Milan (due to the new EU laws) landed me in Boston where I met the best digital geeks who taught me everything.
  • I fell hard again for the new technology of digital capture.
  • I moved to NYC the beginning of 2000 and was shocked to find myself the only one who gave up film for digital.
  • I took advantage of that, and with the help of my agent, convinced Sephora to shoot global campaigns digitally.
  • A decade plus in NYC was as it should be – creative, fulfilling and crazy! 
  • Since I moved to Jamestown, RI to live with the aforementioned sailor and dog, I happily travel to where the shoot takes me.
  • I value all the assistants and digital techs I have worked with, and remain friendly with most of them.
  • My island has some incredible locations to shoot at, by the way

All images ©2021 Kimberly Holcombe